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Aaron Neumann is a realtor and small business owner, neighborhood organizer, gallery owner and Arts promoter with a long-standing commitment to working with neighbors to make a difference on important issues facing our Eastside community.

As a resident of northeast Minneapolis for the last twenty years, Aaron first began his involvement in the community by serving on the Eastside Bicycle Task Force in the early 2000s, which planned and mapped out the bike lanes, paths, and boulevards that we have in northeast today. That began Aaron’s decades-long effort to contribute to the vibrancy and culture of northeast Minneapolis, from participating in and/or volunteering in every Art-a-Whirl since 2002, serving NE neighborhood organizations for many years, hosting political and community events, organizing Empty Bowls NE (which has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local hunger causes while supporting Arts Education at Edison High School Arts), promoting and organizing the Hotdish Revolution!, fighting to protect our River and air from polluters like Northern Metal and the GAF shingling plant, successfully fighting big-box high-market apartment complex developments while supporting affordable housing, artist housing, and senior housing developments, to promoting local and emerging artists at his gallery, the Corner Store Gallery NE.

“I love the Eastside. WE love Eastside! I tell people that ‘I’m a community advocate by passion and a realtor by profession,’ but the truth is it’s all for our community. Professionally, I help people who’ve lived here plant their flag here before getting priced out, and I help people put another rung on their economic ladder of upward mobility. I feel a responsibility to do this since so many of us have worked hard over the years to make the Eastside a desirable place to live – and it truly is! But that desirability has led to an affordability squeeze and we must do everything we can to ensure that we all share in tour ongoing success story."

“I’m passionate about our northeast community and am proud to have played a part in contributing to our vibrant arts and music culture, in building our neighborhood camaraderie, in enhancing our livability, and protecting and promoting our River. I’ve been called “Mr. NE” over the years for my cheerful promotion and tireless advocacy for northeast, and while admittedly corny, I wear it as a badge of honor. I intend to take that spirit of enthusiasm for the Eastside to the State Capitol and will work every single day to support the Arts, work towards housing for all, fight for clean air and clean water, and advance for our public schools. Join me in this fight; for the Eastside!"

~ Aaron Neumann, Candidate for State Representative 60A.

Click for Aaron's bona fides and to learn more about his long-standing commitment to the Eastside.

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