NE Arts DistrictWe must not only ensure opportunity for all people in Minnesota to have access to and involvement in the Arts but also continue to work for a vibrant, diverse and economically healthy arts community here in NE Minneapolis. Our Arts culture is an integral part of the foundation of what makes northeast Minneapolis great. Aaron Neumann will be the advocate for the Arts at the State Capitol and supports:

  • Funding the Arts - The Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) & Regional Arts Councils (RAC) system make grants in all 87 counties, helping to make the arts accessible to all Minnesotans. These grants come from two sources: The General Fund and Arts Legacy Fund. Aaron will be a tireless advocate for increased funding to these sources and ensure that Legacy funds go to Arts and Arts Access, Arts Education, and Arts and Cultural Heritage, and will work to protect the standard that 47% the Arts & Culture Legacy Fund is appropriated to the MSAB and RAC systems, with the long-term goal of increasing it to 50%. 

  • The Snowbate Program - The Film Jobs Program commonly known as Snowbate is a Film and TV production incentive in the State of Minnesota that works as a rebate for production costs funded through MN Dept. of Economic Development. The Snowbate program has created well over $75 million in economic spending and countless jobs in MN while being only modestly funded. Aaron supports a direct appropriation of $20 million (up from it's original $10 million) to the Minnesota Film and TV Board for Snowbates and also supports H.F. 961 which is tax credit equal to 25% of film production costs capped at $60 million in taxable years 2021 and 2022, and $75 million in taxable years 2023 and later.  In addition, it's time to reform Snowbates to include dedicated funding for MN-based production costs for independent productions as to not pit local productions against larger, more expensive out-state productions for the same limited funding. It's time to be on par with states like Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky to maximize our Create Economy in Minnesota! 

  • An Arts and Cultural Center for NE Minneapolis – Rep. Diane Loeffler supported the creation of an Arts and Cultural Center along NE Minneapolis’ riverfront and Aaron Neumann will work to make this vision a reality to honor the legacy of Rep. Diane Loeffler.

  • Tax incentives for Arts development, including artist-owned live/work spaces and cooperatives!

  • Protect tax-exempt status for non-profit organizations (yes, there is an effort in the Legislature to repeal this!), which is vital for arts organizations.

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