Our criminal justice system is inherently marred by vast racial disparities – one that stigmatizes and targets young black men for arrest at a young age, unfairly punishes communities of color, disproportionately impacts the poor, burdens taxpayers and exacts a tremendous social cost. That’s why Aaron Neumann, as your State Representative for the Eastside, will fight for and supports:

Cash Bail

  • Ending Cash Bail - Bail for misdemeanors in Minnesota can vary from $78 to $12,000. Defendants who can’t pay the amount often use bail bonds or remain in jail before trial, putting low-income defendants at risk of losing their jobs, houses, and children. Aaron supports current legislation (HF 741) that would release low-risk and low-income defendants with lowered or no bail, freeing them from an unjust system that is, in effect, a severe extra punishment meted out to the poor.
  • Voting Rights for Ex-Felons - Current legislation (HF 40 | HF 1603) restores voting rights to individuals convicted of a felony once they have completed any term of incarceration resulting from that conviction. The bill also requires each state and local correctional facility in the state to designate an official in each facility to provide a notice of restoration of rights and a voter registration application to individuals whose rights are restored following a release from incarceration.
  • Second-Chance Legislation - Aaron supports Second Chance programs and initiatives.  People who have committed crimes deserve opportunities to lead meaningful, productive lives upon completion of their sentences! Current legislation, Reducing Minnesota's Felony Probation Periods (HF 997) is a good first step in Second Chance legislation. 
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