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The voting process should be simple, convenient, and fair for everyone. Current legislation (HF 1603) includes roughly two-dozen terrific election-related measures that would impact the way Minnesotans register to vote, cast absentee ballots and would add the state to a growing group of states attempting to move toward awarding Electoral College votes based on the outcome of the national popular vote.  That’s why Aaron Neumann, as your State Representative for the Eastside, will fight for and will support this legislation which also includes:

  • Increasing Tenant Voting - HF 1603 will the MN Secretary of State’s office to create written materials assisting tenants in the process of registering to vote and locating their local precinct; landlords would be required to provide a copy of those materials to each tenant within 30 days of entering a lease.
  • Providing Free Public Transit on Voting Day - Fixed-route public transit service free of charge on the day of a statewide general election
  • Fair Redistricting - Establishing a redistricting advisory commission that would include five retired judges and 12 members of the public responsible for drawing and recommending new congressional and legislative district boundaries every 10 years following each census.
  • Ranked-Choice Voting - short-term, let’s authorize all local governments the option to elect local officials using ranked-choice voting; long-term, let’s have ranked-choice voting in all statewide, state House and state Senate elections.
  • Early Voting - Establishing standards and procedures for early voting in Minnesota, which would allow a voter to cast a ballot at a centralized polling place during a specified period prior to Election Day (currently local governments are authorized to choose to offer early voting; that statute would be repealed).
  • A 5-Day In-Precinct Voting Period – Beginning on a Friday going through the weekend (even if it’s limited hours) and ending on that Tuesday, making that final voting day a State holiday. 
  • Election Security - appropriate $6 million in the federal Help America Vote Act that grants funding for election system security improvements, a provision that is also moving in a standalone bill (HF 14) but is currently stuck in conference committee; and off-line paper balloting in all elections (still scan to count).
  • Publicly Funded Elections - doubling the Political Contribution Refund program for State elections (to $100)
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