MN Health Plan

HF1200, the Minnesota Health Plan (MHP), would be a single, statewide plan that would cover all Minnesotans for all their medical needs.  Under the plan, patients would be able to see the medical providers of their choice when they need care, and their coverage by the health plan would not end when they lose their job or switch to a new employer. There would be no filing out of complex application forms, no worrying whether a provider is “in-network” or not, no worrying about whether the treatment was covered or how you are going to pay for the drugs. 

The plan would be funded by all Minnesotans, based on the ability to pay, and would cover all health care costs, replacing all premiums currently paid by employees and employers, as well as all co-payments, deductibles, all payments for care by the uninsured or under-insured, and all costs of government health care programs. Although the Minnesota Health Plan is not cheap, it is significantly less expensive than our current system, and it would provide a full range of health care services to everyone, greatly improving the health of the population.

Yes, it’s a "single-payer" plan and that’s a steep political hill to climb, but we can walk and chew gum at the same time! That’s why Aaron Neumann also supports Governor Walz’s proposed ONECare Minnesota plan (HF 3) which is an affordable public option for Minnesotans who earn too much to qualify for a public health care program to "buy-in" to MinnesotaCare, which includes doctor's visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and therapy services.

The ONEcare bill also creates a statewide drug formulary for all Minnesota public programs. This is designed to use the purchasing power of the state to negotiate lower drug costs and to remove third parties like health plans and pharmacy benefit managers from state programs.  In addition, the bill would move dental coverage for public programs away from health plans to a single administrator, while standardizing all dental payments and providing a 54 percent payment increase.

ONECare is an important step in realizing universal healthcare for all Minnesotans, regardless of one's ability to pay or the range of medical needs.  It's long past time to ensure all people are covered for all of their medical needs!

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