Housing is more than four walls and a roof: It’s part of a neighborhood and community, providing opportunities for positive social interaction and safety from crime. Housing is where people spend the most time and where family life is nurtured, so it must be safe, comfortable, available, affordable and supportive. Housing costs are, for most households, the largest expenditure and cannot be so high as to prevent meeting other basic needs like food, clothing, medical care, and transportation. Aaron Neumann views housing as a fundamental human right and supports:

  • homes and bridgesFunding – Our values are reflected in our budget, and we can address the full continuum of housing needs by funding in these four areas:

    • $300 Million in bonding for Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB) and General Obligation (GO) Bonds to support the production of affordable homes in communities statewide, which boost local economies with jobs and economic development.

    • $39 Million for the MN Housing Finance Agency to produce more homes for workers, to match local community resources, to assist families in attaining homeownership, and to prevent homelessness.

    • $38 Million for the Dept of Human Services to provide emergency shelter, supportive services and programs for homeless families, and for housing that supports Minnesotans with severe mental illness.

    • $50 Million annually in Tax Credits to create a dollar for dollar tax credit for contributions to a fund that provides resources for locally directed affordable housing projects

  • Minnesota’s Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness - Preventing and ending homelessness in Minnesota is possible. Ensuring everyone has a safe place to live will strengthen our families and communities, and evidence shows that when Minnesotans have access to affordable housing, they do better in school, stay healthier, and are more productive at work. The Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness have adopted comprehensive and sensible proposals in their Heading Home: Minnesota’s Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness, and Aaron Neumann will work with state leaders, local government, community, philanthropic, and private sector partners to implement these actions and ensure that all Minnesotans have a place to call home.

  • Renters’ Rights – Aaron supports legislation that expands renters’ rights and tenant projections such as Pay or Quit Eviction Protection (HF 1972 | SF 338) that require landlords to provide a notice in advance of filing an eviction for nonpayment of rent and Tenant Protections (HF 1511 | SF 1751) which grants protections to mitigate homelessness and housing instability and includes Reducing Impact of Evictions, Ban the Box on Housing Applications and Section 8 Non-discrimination. Aaron will work to support all renter’s rights legislation!

  • Homeowners – As a realtor/broker in northeast Minneapolis, Aaron knows first-hand the value of homeownership. Beyond the factors of shelter and investment, buying a home generates pride of ownership and commitment to community. The goal must be sustainable homeownership, which again, contributes to the vitality of our communities, therefore state policies must remove, not add, barriers to homeownership. Aaron will be a strong advocate for sustainable homeownership and work with elected officials and other housing advocates to create good policies and solid research that will result in the common goal of sustainable homeownership!

    • In addition, Aaron will oppose any increase in the cost of a transaction, which ultimately increases the cost of housing affordability and homeownership; any impact on the timeliness of the transaction; or legislation that negatively impacts or weakens Minnesota’s homeowners’ private property rights or homeownership incentives.

    • Aaron Neumann supports: The Mortgage Interest Deduction (“MID”), which is a remarkably effective tool that facilitates homeownership and lowers the tax load for working and middle-class families, thereby making homeownership more affordable and easier for Minnesota families to buy and stay in their home; the Property Tax Deduction – which has been a feature of Minnesota’s tax code since 1933 and tied to federal code since 1987; current Disclosure of Material Facts and Agency Relationship laws, which protects consumers (both buyers and sellers); and that all environmental issues (septic systems, radon, methamphetamine, wells, and lead-based paint) should be regulated from a state-wide perspective and on an on-going basis.

    • Aaron also supports the development of affordable homeownership opportunities through land trusts.

  • The Homes For All legislative agenda – It’s quite comprehensive! You can read it here: https://homesforallmn.org/our-agenda

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