It’s time to fully legalize, tax and regulate the responsible use of marijuana by adults in Minnesota. Colorado just surpassed $1 billion in state revenue in less than 5 years just from the tax benefits of this new industry.  Most importantly, legalizing marijuana is an important step in ending the War on Drugs, which is really is a war on people - primarily poor people and people of color. It is time to admit the criminalization of marijuana was a disaster and allow those most impacted to move forward with their lives. That’s why Aaron Neumann, as your State Representative for the Eastside, will fight for and supports these key principles for legalizing marijuana here in Minnesota:

  • Legalize it!Vacate and Expunge Past Marijuana Convictions - Based on the California model, we can direct state authorities to review current and past marijuana-related convictions for eligibility. This review will include re-sentencing for all currently incarcerated with marijuana convictions. Following determination of eligibility or status, prosecutors will have one year to appeal or object, after which authorities will automatically expunge and vacate past marijuana convictions for all those eligible.

  • Reinvest the Revenue in Communities Hit Hardest by the War On Drugs – Since Colorado legalized marijuana (and regulated it like alcohol), they have generated more than $1 billion in total state revenue from the legal marijuana industry! There’s so much Minnesota can do with this additional revenue to provide reparations for the failed War on Drugs, such as:

    • Establishing grants to entrepreneurs of color who continue to face discrimination in access to capital

    • Grants to those in disproportionately impacted areas or individuals who have been arrested for or convicted of marijuana offenses

    • Free job training at trade schools and business development programs for the formerly incarcerated

    • Using revenue from marijuana sales to help disproportionately impacted areas and individuals who have been arrested for or convicted of marijuana offenses start urban and rural farms and growing operations to ensure people impacted by the War on Drugs have access to the entire marijuana industry.

  • Ensure Legalized Marijuana Does Not Turn Into Big Tobacco - We can incentivize marijuana businesses to be structured like nonprofits and cooperatives, prohibit products and labels that target young people, and create tax credits and incentives for home-grown products, much like the home-brewing industry and craft beer taprooms.

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